Welcome to Triple E

Triple E is the funding agent for the Fairplay for All Foundation in the Philippines.

Triple E is dedicated to changing the lives of street children living in the Philippines. Together we can help provide opportunites and break the cycle of poverty; together we can become part of something good.

We work with partners in the Philippines, some of whom have over 25 years working in the Charity sector!

What does Triple E stand for?

Empowering Triple E aims to empower children to break out of the poverty cycle by offering education, advice and practical support..

Encouraging Triple E has clearly defined long-term goals including the establishment of a drop-in centre, the support of street social workers and the management of long-term solutions to create opportunities for street children.

Enabling Many street children have been abused and traumatised. Having to live on the streets, they must be creative to survive. Triple E works to enable these children to set their hard-working nature and intelligence toward more productive goals..