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FFA currently runs two football teams in poor, urban communities (slums): Payatas FC and Mango FC. Payatas is a dump site where hundreds of trucks come each day to dump garbage and where tens of thousands of people live around the outskirts. Many of the people scavenge from the dumpsite itself for something to recycle, sell, or even eat. The people are often hardworking, creative and intelligent but lack opportunity. Football provides one way children can get that opportunity and show people from all backgrounds what they can achieve given that opportunity.

As Ricardo Ocampo, our Under 11 captain at the time put it: "I hope we always win sot hat Payatas can have a face different from that always associated with just garbage" (translated from Filipino). Payatas FC and Mango FC are built to help give children confidence, teach them team work and values and also to provide a place for them to simply be children and play as some of the players go to work rather than school!

Poverty robs children of dreaming for the future. Football provides these children a chance to dream again and hope for a better life. Some players show potential to be professional players or coaches in the future while scholarships are available for sports men and women as a way to University. Many of the children now dream of going to University or College this way!