Projects: The Drop-in Centre

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While some of our football players are showing potential in the world of football, not all the children can earn a living and break the cycle of poverty this way. The main work of FFA is the drop-in centre for street children whereby children who live, sleep and/or work in the streets can 'drop-in' for food, education, counselling, games, art sessions and other activities.

During the time they are with us, and with a qualified social worker, we are able to assess the child's background and needs and establish an individual care plan for them. Often a child who has a loving family but is too poor to afford education would be recommended for education sponsorship. Children with no family or from an abusive home can receive full-time residential care and we also offer vocational training and other solutions depending on the situation.

Many children are in childrens' homes for reasons relating to poverty. FFA believes it is for the better that the child can grow up with their family if possible, but it is also cheaper and more effective. Working with our sister charities, in particular ASCF, we can help to properly identify the individual needs of the children we come into contact with and provide more relevant care and support for them.

The centre is currently up and running and will be officially opened in February 2012 following testing periods.